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Health-related services funds

Columbia Pacific wants to make sure your unique health needs are addressed, so you are as healthy as possible. That’s why your benefits include access to a fund for what the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) calls “health-related services.”

This fund covers items or services that will help keep you healthy, and that you might not expect would be paid for by your health plan.

Health-related services funds help you get and stay healthy.

Here are some examples:

  • phone iconPhone/video appointments: A cell phone, tablet, an internet connection for better access to providers, etc.
  • food support iconFood support: Meal delivery, food vouchers, farmers market funds, etc.
  • housing support iconHousing support: Furniture, application fees for housing or a state-issued ID, moving costs, etc.
  • living environment iconLiving environment: Air conditioners, athletic shoes, items that improve mobility, etc.
  • comfort items iconComfort items: Weighted blankets, sleep aids, vouchers for yoga classes, etc.

These funds are meant to fill needs until a permanent plan is in place.

Steps for requesting funds

  1. Talk to your provider or care coordinator about what’s keeping you from getting and staying healthy. Members of your care team can make requests for health-related services funds.
  2. If your diagnosis or treatment calls for an item or service not otherwise included in your health coverage, they’ll fill out a form on our website to make the request.
  3. We’ll let you and the person who made the request know if your request is approved.

If you have any questions about health-related services or other topics, call Columbia Pacific Customer Service at 855-722-8206 or TTY 711, or send us a secure message at colpachealth.org/portal

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Air conditioner funding and access

Columbia Pacific CCO has a program that may be able to get you an air conditioning unit for your home. Through our Health Related Services, your Provider can request funding for an AC unit to treat certain chronic conditions.
This request process can take several weeks and is not an immediate solution for extreme heat. It is best to speak with a provider as soon as possible to prepare for the hot weather months.
Some conditions that may qualify for this program include:

  • heart disease
  • mental illness
  • respiratory illness
  • obesity

These are not all the conditions that could qualify you for a free air conditioner. Click here for detailed instructions and information about making this request.

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