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Regional Health Improvement Plan

In partnership and with oversight from our community advisory councils, Columbia Pacific CCO completed its five-year strategic plan (spanning 2020-2024) for health improvement in our service region in 2019. Known as the Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP), it outlines eight priority areas, priority area rationale, goals, objectives, strategies, health equity impact and output/outcome metrics. The priorities of the RHIP are based on the specific needs and voices of the three counties we serve Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook. While the indicators in each counties dashboard are the same, they were chosen with these specific local needs in mind.

In 2020, Columbia Pacific will be using the RHIP as the guiding force in deepening partnerships with community groups to drive health improvements in the region. We will report quarterly on progress towards the goals of each of the eight priority areas through our community partners. If you would like to read the plans in more detail or follow the progress and updates for each county, please click below to see a full dashboard of the work that’s being done.

To see the 2020 progress report, click here.
To see the full RHIP for each county click here.

To see the 2022 progress report, click here.
To see the 2022 annual update presentation, click here

Click the image below to open the strategic plan for each county in a new tab. 

Regional Health Improvement Plan Dashboard

Under Construction

We are working to find more meaningful data to track trends and capture focus areas. More to come in 2022.