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Columbia Pacific pays for many prescription drugs.

Columbia Pacific pays for many prescription drugs. The ones we cover are on a drug list called a “formulary.” When your provider prescribes a medicine, ask if it’s on the covered drug list. The list is a directory of medications approved for Columbia Pacific CCO members. It explains if there are special rules about the drug. The list is updated often, so if we remove or change a medication that you take, you’ll be notified in advance. To download and view the drug list, click the link below.

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Search for a drug in one of the following ways:

  • Find the drug listed in the formulary/PDF index.
  • In the PDF file, enter the drug name into the search box located in the menu.
  • Call Customer Service for assistance in finding a drug.

If you want us to send you a printed copy of this formulary, please contact Customer Service. There is no charge, and you’ll receive it within five business days.

If you urgently need a drug that’s not on our formulary, call Customer Service. You, your provider or your pharmacist can ask for an emergency supply. The maximum emergency supply is 72 hours’ worth.

To fill a prescription, go to any pharmacy in our network. You’ll have lots of choices. Our network includes most large pharmacy chains and many smaller drug stores.

CPC-Pharmacy member explainer

Learn about medication coverage

Our members rely on medications to get and stay healthy. That’s why we pay for many prescription drugs. Click on a link below to view our handout about covered medicine, refills, limits and more.

Mail-order pharmacies

You can have your drugs delivered directly to your door with one of our mail order pharmacies listed below. Click on the name of the pharmacy to open the form you'll need to fill out and send in.

MEDS Chart

MEDS Chart logo

It can be a real challenge keeping up with lots of prescriptions all at once. More and more people have ten, a dozen, 20 or more. It can be hard to keep them all straight, and even harder to tell your doctor when there’s something about your medications that you don’t like. CareOregon’s My Easy Drug System (MEDS) is a tested way to make sure your medications are working as a positive part of your health care plan.

The MEDS Chart helps you remember why you’re taking a medication, and let others know how you feel it’s working for you:

Example of a MEDS Chart which includes the drug name, why you take it, how you feel about it, and any notes you have on the drug.

Ask for your MEDS Chart today!

Any Columbia Pacific member can request a MEDS Chart that shows all your medications. The MEDS Chart can help you explain to doctors or caregivers if you have a medication side effect you don’t like or if you are concerned about a medication not working for you. Letting your doctor, pharmacist or caregiver know how you feel about your medications can help them find choices for you that work better and may improve your health.

To request a personalized MEDS Chart, log in to the Member Portal and send us a secure message through the message center. When you create a new message, select “Med Chart Request” for the recipient and write your request in the message body. 

You can also click below to open the MEDS Chart as a fillable PDF document.

Download the MEDS Chart here

MEDS Chart - English

MEDS Chart Instructions - English

Alternate language options:

Russian instructions
Spanish instructions
Chinese instructions
Vietnamese instructions

I have questions. How can I get help?

We’ll be happy to help you with your questions. Send us a secure message through the Member Portal. We will respond promptly.

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