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The Hawk's Eye Apartments 

The outside of the Red lion inn and suites in Seaside, Oregon.

As part of our ongoing focus on improving access to housing in our region, Columbia Pacific is working to convert the former Red Lion Inn and Suites in south Seaside (900 S Holladay Drive) into affordable housing for community members and health care providers.

By converting an existing structure instead of building from the ground up we will be able to accelerate the construction schedule and complete the project for approximately half the cost of starting from the ground up. Columbia Pacific has contracted with Bremik Construction/CIDA Architecture to complete the renovation (additional details below).

Upon opening in Summer 2024, the 50-60 unit housing complex will be known as The Hawk’s Eye Apartments. Housing units will be reserved for health care providers and any one of CPCCO’s funded partners that support the health of members. Permanent supportive housing units will be managed by Clatsop Behavioral Health and made available based on individual need. At this point, there is no mechanism for individuals to express interest in a housing unit.

About the project:

  • 50-60 units, split between permanent supportive housing for residents with disabilities and workforce housing for health care and social services staff
  • Onsite housing support services for residents provided by Clatsop Behavioral Health


Why this project is important to community health:

  • The shortage of affordable housing in Northwest Oregon is among the nation’s worst. Oregon only has 28 units of affordable housing for every 100 extremely low-income households.
  • Clatsop County’s per capita rate of houselessness is the highest in Oregon, coming in at six times higher than the state average.


Why this project is important to Clatsop County healthcare providers:

  • The housing crisis is not limited to those with low incomes. The shortage of available housing makes it difficult to recruit workers from outside our region.
  • The northwest coast is a nationally designated “Health Professional Shortage Area.” That means special incentives are available to help attract providers to our region, but lack of available housing is standing in the way of provider recruitment.


"The lack of housing is a huge barrier to getting medical providers to come work in our community. We lose potential staff every week."

− Pam Cooper, Director of Finance for Providence Seaside Hospital


About our design-build team:

Columbia Pacific CCO and CareOregon selected Bremik Construction/CIDA Architecture as the design-build contractor responsible for remodeling the Red Lion Inn & Suites in Seaside.

How the name The Hawk’s Eye Apartments was selected:

The Columbia Pacific and CareOregon team considered many names with a meaningful association to wellness and health care. The blue Hawk’s Eye gemstone has been used for centuries to heal the mind, body and spirit. As well, the color blue is connected to health, specifically behavioral health. Therefore, the name of The Hawk’s Eye Apartments has a thematic resonance with the vision and purpose of the building.


About our focus on housing:

Columbia Pacific’s investment in housing is in response to community feedback. Access to safe, affordable housing is identified in the CCO’s 2019-2024 Regional Health Improvement Plan as a top priority across our region. More than 1,900 community members provided feedback to inform this plan. Read more about our Commitment to Affordable Housing.


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