Community Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Clatsop County CAC

(Meets the first Tuesday of each month)

Columbia County CAC

(Meets the first Monday of each month)

Tillamook County CAC

(Meets the second Wednesday of each month)

Regional Advisory Council

(Meets quarterly)

Join Our Community Advisory Council

Want to have a voice in your own health care?  Join our Community Advisory Council (CAC). 

The CAC is made up of plan members, as well as other community representatives who want to make a difference in how their health plan operates.  We are looking for all kinds of OHP members to serve on the CAC, maybe it's you! 

How to get a membership interest form

You can request a membership interest form by contacting the Community Advisory Coordinators at, by phone at 503-416-5968.

You can also fill out our online form, or print a form to scan and send to us.

More on the CAC

If you are a plan member and want to communicate concerns to the CAC, the preferred process is to call Customer Service and speak to a representative about your issue(s). You also can submit concerns in writing via our Secure Contact Form, or by contacting a member of the local CAC.

CAC meetings are open to the public by invitation only. Generally, public comments are not formally taken at CAC meetings. However, if provided sufficient notice, a public comment period can be accommodated. Comments from non-members can be submitted in the same fashion as member comments (see above). 

Columbia Pacific's CAC charter is available upon request by emailing

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