We act in solidarity: A message to the community from Columbia Pacific CCO

At Columbia Pacific CCO, we support the thousands of Oregonians taking to the streets to peacefully demand social justice and the dismantling of structural and institutional racism. In the outrage following the tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd – following a history of violent acts against people of color  -- we, too, call for systemic change.

Every day, equity has been  at the center of our work and of our CCO’s vision: “Helping those in need reach their highest potential by providing services that support their social, emotional and physical health.” We will redouble our efforts as we join the many voices decrying the discrimination imposed on communities of color, whether locally or anywhere else in our nation.

We are committed to listening to those in our communities who are most impacted by structural inequities. We’re eager to work side by side to counter the day-to-day effects of systemic discrimination wherever it  blocks an individual or group’s potential – be that due to disabilities, gender, age, sexual identity, ethnicity or race. We are committed to this work in general, and in particular where it affects health.

A coordinated care organization becomes truly meaningful only with the participation of diverse local leaders and our member communities. More than a thousand local voices shaped our Regional Health Improvement Plan and its core concern with equity, diversity and inclusion across our communities.

From our beginnings in 2012, our mission has been to do all we can to support  our members and others who are facing challenges that prevent them from leading healthy, self-directed lives.

To fulfill this mission, we work to align with, and then respond to, community needs. That may mean acting as a direct safety net for those who fall through the cracks. Or it may mean acting in solidarity with local organizations that effect social justice. As we grieve the current events that have caused pain and public outrage throughout our country, we want to work together to identify additional meaningful actions that we can take to spotlight and end discrimination.

We will continue to connect with communities of color across our service area to better respond to persistent concerns of biased treatment within the health care system.

We look forward to doing this with you, and in service to everyone. It is who we are and why we are here. We aspire to use these times of social turmoil as a catalyst to imagine, and create, a more just and equitable world for all. And starting here, with the residents of Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties.

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