Benefit education goes virtual with OHP & Me

It’s no secret that the Oregon Health Plan has changed drastically since coordinated care organizations were created. The changes have allowed CCOs to expand on what OHP historically covered, to increase member and partner voices in our work, and to innovate. Columbia Pacific CCO works hard to be on the forefront of groundbreaking work that improves care for our members and relationships with our partners.

At the same time, even good change can cause confusion in a complex setting. Do people know they can see a dentist? Do they wait for hours in the emergency room when they can get help faster in a primary care clinic? Do people know how CCOs are different from the state, or do they spend a long time on the phone with the state only to be told they need to call us?  We’ve heard — both from members and those they turn to — how stressful questions like these can be.

That’s why we created OHP & Me, a benefit education program that we hope will empower members, assisters, traditional health workers and other partners to navigate the benefits of Columbia Pacific and the Oregon Health Plan with confidence. It’s designed to be accessible and in-depth, but tailored for different sets of needs with input from members and OHP assisters.
OHP & Me is a set of seven online workshops that focus on benefits and programs in six different topic areas:
  1. An overview of what a CCO is and how we work
  2. The needs of families and children
  3. The needs of adults
  4. The needs of elder adults
  5. The benefits that cover mental health needs
  6. The benefits that cover dental health needs
Depending on the information you want, you can watch one workshop or multiple. There are also printable handouts, and there will be shorter, two-minute videos as well.

OHP & Me is available on our website as of January 1, 2021. It includes a link to a special learning platform for anyone who needs a certificate stating that they completed the workshops for professional learning.

If you have questions, want more information or would like materials for your organization, contact Heather Oberst at

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