About Columbia Pacific CCO

Columbia Pacific is a coordinated care organization (CCO). We serve Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members in Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties. A CCO is a company that manages your OHP benefits by working with providers and community partners to prevent disease and improve health. In each Oregon community, one or more CCOs serves as the umbrella for various provider groups, hospitals, health plans and agencies. These entities work together to serve OHP members. CCOs strive to improve patient care and simplify the way patients access care while working to lower costs.

Columbia Pacific CCO consists of doctors, clinics, hospitals, health plans, dental and mental health organizations and community agencies. To ensure you get the best care, we coordinate your care with all these providers and facilities.

We have a large provider network that includes hundreds of hospitals, providers and pharmacies in the three counties we serve. We work with you to build a team, including providers, mental health specialists, dentists, pharmacists and everyone at Columbia Pacific. Together, we work to provide high quality care that meets your needs.

This means that you can receive insurance coverage for physical, dental and mental health services from Columbia Pacific CCO.

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