Health is the foundation of a good life.

Health is the foundation of a good life. For that reason, Columbia Pacific CCO joined more than 100 organizations, including hospitals, doctors, health advocates, non-profits and local businesses, in supporting Oregon Ballot Measure 101: Vote YES for Healthcare.

Ballot Measure 101 will be voted on by Oregonians in January 23, 2018.

We believe supporting funding for Medicaid is critical to ensuring health care for the one in four Oregonians on the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Measure 101 will cover the almost 50% of Oregon’s children, as well as seniors and people with disabilities. And it will save middle-class families buying their own health insurance an average of $300 a month in premiums.

What does Measure 101 do? A yes vote supports the legislature’s decision to fund Medicaid through an assessment on health care organizations like ours. When hospitals and health plans pay a local assessment (as they do in 49 states), the federal government adds billions in matching funds to the Oregon Health Plan. Those funds are the foundation for OHP.

If you are interested in learning more about this, go to Oregon Ballot Measure 101: YES for Healthcare. To learn more about both sides of this issue, read the voters’ pamphlet at (click on Measures in left navigation bar of this site).

P.S. Be sure you’re registered to vote and make sure you know where a ballot drop box is near you!

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